2022 Kunstverein Göttingen, Göttingen _ public space Nina Mielcarczyk, Leipzig 2021 Dům pánů z Kunštátu, House of Lords of Kunstat, G99, Brno 2020 Come Down to Us, Museum of sepulchral culture, Kassel 2019 saturnine, Studio Picknick, Berlin 2018 pathologically bored, SOX, Berlin 2017 blank, zqm, Berlin 2015 1/1, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam

2021 Kunstverein Marburg, Marburg _ Noctural Correspondance, curated by Olga Nevzorova, Lemoyne Projects, Zürich 2020 reshuffle the cards, curated by accce, Berlin _ I guess I die another day, curated by cccccoma, Trauerkapelle, Berlin _ Entkunstung 3, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2019 out on a limb, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York _Nightshades, curated by Christina Gigliotti, Polansky Gallery, Prague/Brno _ shrine of friendship, curated by Manuel Kirsch, Brandenburger Kunstverein, Potsdam _ A Dark Tall Stranger, curated by Haris Giannouras, New Now Frankfurt/Main _ I caught a glimpse of you, invited by Arthur Löwen & Bela Feldberg, Basis Projektraum, Frankfurt/Main 2018 A strong desire, curated by Justin Polera & Aleksandr Blanar, PS120, Berlin _Black is the new Black, curated by Carolin Leistenschneider, Gussglashalle, Berlin _ DOME, Schering Foundation, Berlin _ Perfect Match, curated by Lena Fliessbach & Hannah Beck-Mannagetta, SchauFenster, Berlin _ 2017 böse blüten, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin _ 2015 Berlin Masters 2015, curated by Lisa Polten & Tobias Sirtl, Arndt Gallery, Berlin _ 2014 Kopier Mir die Sonne, Academic Art Musem, Bonn 2013 Nachschlag, Uferhallen, Berlin 2011 Through the looking glass, Bar Babette, Berlin

2009-2016 Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin (class of Antje Majewski, class of Friederike Feldmann, class of Ralf Ziervogel)

b. 1990, lives and works in Berlin
︎ contact@martinmaeller.com